Thursday, December 15, 2005

Robosapien V2 Hack - Lead Shoes

In the ongoing quest to make the more stable when it comes to walking, there is a new clever hack online that adds lead to the Robosapien V2's feet. Bas, webmaster for the forum and Robosapien hacks and mod's web site, has published detailed photos and instructions for adding lead weights to the Robosapien V2's shoes. Unlike many of the other mods and hacks which involve performing risky surgery on your Robosapien V2, this is an easy mod that involves a little hot glue, some lead weights, and a screwdriver. The lead weights are applied to the inside portion of the battery plates that are screwed into the Robosapien V2's feet.

Give it a look. If you are having falling over problems with your Robosapien V2, it just might be the fix you're looking for.

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