Thursday, December 08, 2005

HACK: Removing The Robosapien V2's Gauntlets

The has a loop of material that extends out from his wrist on top of each hand. These have been nicknamed gauntlets by the modder community. There have been some of the expert hackers that don't like the gauntlets and want to remove them. There is a thread on the forum detailing the removal of the Robosapien V2's gauntlets.

The gauntlets are used by Robosapien V2 to detect when his hands have bumped into something. I therefore like them and would never remove them. But everyone has their own style and taste. Of course this hack falls squarely in the category of hacks that would definitely void your warranty!

If I understand this post correctly, the 'gauntlets' function as touch or collision switches similar to the Roboraptor's chin, mouth, and tail switch sensors.

What happens when they are triggered? With the RSV2 the reaction was somewhat programmable. Is this true of the V2?

I have not tried it yet, but when they are triggered two things will happen. If no positional programs have been created for either the left or right sensor touch, he simply stops and says "oops". Otherwise, the appropriate positional program will be triggered.

According to the manual, positional programs are entered by using the Robosapien V2's puppet mode, a mode which you physically move the V2 with your hands, and he remembers the sequence of body positions you created while moving him.
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