Wednesday, December 21, 2005

First 10 Secrets for Robosapien V2 Revealed

Season's greeting's

I feel like Santa Clause right now, as I am doing something really big for all V2 owner's. Mark Tilden has asked me to post the first 10 "secrets" of Robosapien V2. These are official secret's from WowWee and the creator himself.

I figure, they want all those children/adults to have hours of more fun with V2 this Holiday Season, while they have the off time. Thanks alot you guy's!!! I'm more then sure on Christmas Day, peopole all over the world will be using these new secret's on V2

Want to know one of the secrets before going to the link, which has the other 9 secrets.... Want to know a good spot where to put the V2 controller when not using him??? Then just look at the picture I have attached in this post.

Click Here
, to read the remaining 9 Official Robosapien V2 Secret's by WowWee and Mark W Tilden


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