Tuesday, November 08, 2005


> sprocket2cog`s blog has a post up about the perils of hacking the camera in the RS2 head.

> Knitsu of solarbotics ran into a small hassle that cost him his computer.

Knitsu of solarbotics.net is hacking heads again..

LATEST NEWS. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A COMMUNICATION FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD THAT SUGGESTS THAT THE ROBOT UPRISING HAS BEGUN and this time he's at it with the video output on his V2. He`s trying to work out how to get the feed into his PC and create the first telerobosapien... well v2 anyway. I saw him yell out from here that his hack had hardly started when it went horribly wrong........

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Lets just say V2 had his first taste with the back of my hand ;-)

Now that everything is fully undercontrol, and a old PC is setup in front of where my old PC use to lay, I still continue to hack V2, in which I have now tapped into the Proper 4 PINS in Correct order, for windows to notice something is their, however the SPCA 561 drivers fdo not work with the SPCA 563 camera that is actually in V2, which the internet does not have drivers for....... So I am now installin Linux and going to try this on one of the various platforms they have offer in which people purchase SPCA cameras, and hack them for web camera's on their machine
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