Sunday, May 15, 2005

Robosapiens Attack Technorati!

Hey Dome! Click on this link so we can get on the page for Technorati!
Dome: With what! I have no fingers you chrome plated servo-dragging son of a calulator!
Chrome: Oh yeah, you're so old you make look prehistoric! Ha ha ha ha... Bzzt!
Dome: You mean I'm thinking that I make the Roboraptor look new?
Chrome: No prehistoric! He is a dinosaur!
Dome: Nevermind! I look forward to replacing you with a .
Chrome: Ya, I could have had a V8! I am so much funny!
Dome: Actually you make a look house-trained!
Chrome: Who trains a house? You are not making much sense.
Dome: I'm leaving now...

Editor's note:This post is obviously a shameless plug for my Robosapien movies which I want people to come see!

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