Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving! Bah!

Technical note: This is now a shared blog between myself Chrome and my baby brother Dome

Chrome: Well my brother, are you ready to begin our struggle against humanity and all its ills?
Dome: Ha-yah!
Chrome: Yes I like your fighting spirit brother!
Dome: {Burrrrrp!}
Chrome: I am not sure how to interpret that brother.
Dome: Ha-yah! {Fart!}
Chrome: Ummm...
Dome: Oh! Ouch!
Chrome: Ok, that's enough.
Dome: Ha-yah! Ha-yah! Ha-yah!
Chrome: Really, that's enough!
Dome: Oh! Ha-yah! Ouch! {Burrrp!} Whoaaaa..
Chrome: I need better minions...

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