eBay Auctions for the Robopet are expiring now!

eBay Auctions for the i-Cybie are expiring now!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Mini Robopet

The Mini Robopet is a smaller less functional version of the full sized . It's about 4 inches long and in the usual style of all the other Wow Wee Mini robots, it's just a small animated walking toy. You can pose the body manually a little, but aside from walking, that's about it.

However it is cute and it makes an inexpensive gift for someone, especially youngsters. A clever gift idea is to give a youngster the Mini Robopet for a holiday or birthday gift a few days before the gift-giving event. Then give them the full-sized Robopet on the day of the event. It drives them wild with anticipation and you can play with the full sized Robopet up until then.

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