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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Robopet's Free Roam Mode

Of all the WowWee toy robots, without a doubt has the most independent personality, even more than the significantly more expensive . Up until the Robopet, the personality signature of the WowWee toy robots has been that of a very clever fun robotic puppet, with a few short scripted moves. The Roboraptor and Robosapien V2 do indeed have a free roam mode like Robopet does, but you cannot alter their behavior in that mode like you can with the Robopet.

The distinctive feature of Robopet's fun and frequently quite disobedient personality is the punish and reward buttons on the remote control. In free roam mode, Robopet runs around the house and intermittently tries out different tricks it knows.

Important note: in free roam mode Robopet will do tricks that are not any of the ten tricks that are available from the remote control! In other words, if you don't let your robotic doggy run around a bit and watch him, you aren't getting your money's worth out of your new pet!

What do the punish and reward buttons really do? They change how often Robopet will do a particular trick. If you punish Robopet for doing the fart trick, he will do it less often. If you reward him for doing the howl trick, he will do it more often. If you reward him too many times for the same trick, that's the only trick he will do! If you punish him too often for too many tricks, he'll sulk and sit down in a state of confusion.

As you can see, more than the other robots, Robopet has more of a personality and is the only one with a personality you can modify!

Operational Notes:

- You must punish him soon after he does a particular trick, don't wait too long.
- If he performs a trick because you told him to with the remote control, instead of him doing the trick himself, then the "punish" and "reward" buttons will have no effect. He must do the trick himself!
- Robopet flat out doesn't listen to you sometimes!

Hello thank you for developing the Robopet voice command interface. I have purchased a Robopet for my daughters birthday (Dec 6th). She was sad to hear that her electronic dog uses a remote. Having the voice option would be great. Do you think that you will release the upgrade soon< I was hoping to try to set it up for her birthday.Also is it fairly easy to use?

I don't know yet when the new version will be ready. It has some major new features and with that comes major new bugs. Keep track of this blog and as I get a better feel for how things are progressing, I'll make a blog post.
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