eBay Auctions for the Robopet are expiring now!

eBay Auctions for the i-Cybie are expiring now!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Robopet Red Is Still Nearly Dead

My brave little red Sharper Image is still in a box with his waist motor exposed and his rear end (butt) still dissassembled. There was a nightmarish scene straight out of a movie like Blade runner when I was trying to fix on him. There he was on the table, his front legs pathetically trying to pull him forward while his good back leg flailed wildly and his bad leg just shuddered. I actually felt the irrational desire to put him out of his misery. Fortunately that involved simply shutting him off, but it was a microstudy in human emotion, watching my TV show induced emotions react to a pile of plastic, gears and motors. I couldn't even bring myself to video it!

However, I did videotape his final leap off the table, which led to him being replaced in the Voice Control interface demonstration video by his understudy, the chrome Robopet. Although costly, it was hilarious! Subscribe to this blog or check back regularly; I'll make a post when it's ready for viewing. Remember, be careful with him when he is on a table!

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