eBay Auctions for the Robopet are expiring now!

eBay Auctions for the i-Cybie are expiring now!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


First Test Of Voice Controlled Robopet Today!

Completed most of the hard work on Robosapien Dance Machine to allow support for robots other than the original Robosapien. Ran my first full test using my today! He's perfect for voice control. It is so much more fun ordering him to do tricks by simply saying "Howl", "Scratch", or "Give Me Your Paw" instead of pressing the tricks button 1 to 9 times followed by the execute button. Since he's naturally a little disobedient, it's like talking to a real dog. In addition, it's much more natural to just think of a command and then say it, rather than staring at the remote and trying to remember which button does what. Be ready, a video of my voice controlled Robopet is coming soon!

Will the "dance machine" work for all versions of roboraptor, robosapien and robopet? And this is something I can add after purchase?
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