Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The Recall List - Toys

First post.

This blog is dedicated to informing you on and toys that have had safety warnings issued about them. A good source for public notices about recalled toys is the US Consumer Product Safety Comission web site. They have a page that consolidates recent manufacturer press releases concerning product safety and recalled products; with a specific page dedicated to recalled toys. Check this blog often for updates. If you have a question on a particular product, leave a comment and I will research it for you.

i was told that you had a recall of toys that may have lead in them and they are being or have been recalled i need to knoe because i have a baby and we buy his toys at target
Hello. We didn't have a recall, Fisher-Price and Mattel did due to lead paint found on about 1 million toys that were sold in stores from May 2007 on. You can get the details and where to go for help here:
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