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Reminiscent of one of the robots at the robot carnival in the movie A.I., Mr. Personality is a unique interactive robot companion that talks up a storm.  He's a natural joke teller, a fortune teller, and will even give you whimsical answers about your future. Instead of a featureless face Mr. Personality has an animated face which is displayed via a head mounted full color LCD


  • Can move in all directions using a unique three wheeled mobile base
  • Tells stories, jokes, and fortunes and will talk to you too
  • Full color head mounted LCD screen display an animated face with synchronized facial expressions and sounds
  • Has several distinct play modes including: Bits, Crystal Ball, Fortune Cookies, Demo and others.
  • Detects and avoids obstacles and will let you know if he has fallen over or if his batteries are getting low on juice

Technical Specifications (Robot)

  • Fully animated upper torso
  • Omnidirection tri-wheel mobile base
  • 7 motors
  • Integrated microphone for voice memo recording
  • Head mounted color LCD screen
  • 64 MB of internal memory
  • Speaker
  • Audio Input Connector
  • LED battery level indicator
  • SD Memory card slot

Technical Specifications (Remote Control)

  • "Yes", "No", and "OK" buttons for interactive play

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Where To Buy

IMPORTANT!: How to compare prices and warranties on robots! (“Buy” links are below)

When you give a gift or buy something for yourself, you want it to last and bring joy to the recipient for a long time to come.  Robots have lots of moving parts.  Properly made as most are, they can last for years, but like any machine, some will break. This is why Hammacher Schlemmer is our favorite vendor for robots.  They are famous for their free product lifetime guarantee on everything they sell.  On electronics products that works out to a whopping 9 year warranty! They’ve been in business since 1848, well over a hundred years, so it’s a guarantee you can count on and it’s a no questions asked guarantee so there’s no hidden “catch” to it. The average 3 year extended warranty on electronics can easily cost you 20% of the purchase price.  Since Hammacher Schlemmer offers theirs for free you need to subtract 20% off their price when comparing prices.  Actually you should subtract much more since it’s a 9 year guarantee which you can’t get anywhere else.  There are few things more painful to see than a heartbroken child whose favorite toy just broke and can’t be replaced.  Also you need to subtract the cost of shipping since Hammacher Schlemmer offers free shipping when you use the following shipping code: FSOCT08

Buy Mr. Personality at Hammacher Schlemmer (free 9 year warranty and shipping)  

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Software System Requirements

  • PC compatible computer with at least a Pentium 4 processor running the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system
  • At least 256 MB of RAM
  • USB connection

Battery Requirements

Robot - 6 "C" cell batteries (not included)
Remote Control - 3 "AAA" cell batteries (not included)
How To Save Big Bucks On Batteries

Estimated Release Date

Late Summer of 2008

Suggested Retail Price

$240 - $299

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