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Last year WowWee blew everyone away with the award winning FlyTech Dragonfly flying robot, the first mass produced flying robot that flapped its wings to fly instead of using a propeller. 

This year they've done it again with the fast, futuristic, and smart Flytech Bladestar flying blade. Unlike other flying robots in its price range, the FlyTech Bladestar is the first flying robot that can fly itself using advanced sensor based navigation.  Yes, it can avoid obstacles including ceilings!  This allows you to use just your hands to guide since it will instinctively avoid your hands.  That's right, we're talking a flying machine that has AutoPilot!

Or you can have fun using the included 3 channel infrared remote control to have it fly wherever you want. Best of all, two FlyTech Bladestars can dogfight!  By attaching the Dogfight accessory to the infrared remote control you can shoot at your opponent and take them down. The sensors on either Bladestar will detect the the "hit" from the Dogfight accessory. Since the FlyTech Bladestar is made from durable "high-flex" materials they are crash-resistant and designed for indoor use.  Charging is easy using the umbilical charging cord built into the remote control.  The Bladestar is available in two styles: "Flame" and "Dragon".

Note: do not use the Bladestar outdoors!


  • Unique spinning blade
  • Two FlyTech Bladestars can dogfight each other with other
  • Indoor only flyer
  • 2 spare blades
  • 2 spare propellers
  • Dogfight Accessory
  • Protective carrying case

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Technical Specifications (FlyTech Bladestar)

  • 12 inch wingspan (30 centimeters)
  • Recharges via the remote control

Technical Specifications (Remote control)

  • 3 Channel Digital Infrared Proportional
  • Height/Power control
  • Forward/Back control
  • Left/Right control
  • Dogfight Accessory (requires two Bladestars, each sold separately)

Battery Requirements

(Unknown at this time)

Estimated Release Date

February of 2008, exclusively at Target, Inc.

Suggested Retail Price


Picture Gallery - Photos courtesy of WowWee Group Limited

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Overview of the FlyTech Bladestar direct from the CES 2008 show.

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Wow Wee Bladestar Flame Indoor Flyer 











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