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Overview of Roboreptile’s Features


My Amateur Video Of My Roboreptile

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Would you like to have your own baby dinosaur?


Child Magazine names the Discovery Channel Roboreptile as one of the Best Toys for 2006.  The Miami Herald reports that It was selected by a team of experts who reviewed hundreds of the hottest toys for children. In addition, kids of all ages tested the expert’s picks in live tests conduted at the magazine’s office.

  • The Roboreptile is officially on Newsweek magazine’s Top Toy list in the under $100 category
  • The Ellen Degeneres Show praised the Discovery Store Roboreptile which you can see in this promo clip.
  • The November issue of Boys Life magazine calls the Roboreptile one of the coolest new toys for 2006.
  • British powerhouse electronics retailer Comet predicts the Roboreptile to be one of the top ten selling toys for the holidays.



Click On The Play Video Button To See The High Powered Chromashift Roboreptile In Action!


Here is a summary of what is being said about WowWee’s new aggressive and exciting robot dinosaur:

  • It’s feisty, really feisty!  In fact, it has a brand new behavior mode called “berserk” mode which it enters if you try to put the calming hood on it’s head and it falls off. Then Roboreptile acts like a rodeo bull gone mad for a while charging at anything it can find!
  • Where the Roboraptor was known to be challenged when it came to walking, especially on carpet and when it’s batteries weren’t fully charged, the Roboreptile is wonderfully agile and maneuverable.  It can turn on a dime and it’s quick. It can also walk and run quite well on reasonably short carpet.
  • Contrary to earlier reports, there is indeed a remote control for the Roboreptile, that also doubles as it’s feeding pod; it’s quite large in fact.





Early reviews of the Roboreptile are quite positive, with some cautions about very young children being taken aback by it’s aggressiveness.  A better fit for them might be the slower moving playful Roboraptor which is now on sale at the Discovery Store for under $50.  Below are some truly juicy articles and user reviews to help you learn more about WowWee’s new robot dinosaur.



Here’s an amateur video by a real Roboreptile owner, me! I cover the basic movements and features of the Roboreptile in this 3 minute long YouTube video.

Note: They didn’t have the luxurious Chromashift Roboreptile’s when I bought “Mr. Happy” my white Roboreptile. But I’ll be getting one for the holidays, Santa told me so!




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