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    Flytech Dragonfly


    Click Here To Buy The FlyTech Dragonfly From WalMart Now icon


    Important Topics

    02-08-2006 - The Flytech Dragonfly is available for order on Radio Shack’s web site!

    Where To Buy The DragonFly


    WalMart when last checked also offers free shipping to any of their stores if you order online, with special deals for those that do order online.

    Click Here To Buy The FlyTech Dragonfly From WalMart Now  

    Radio Shack

    You can order the Flytech Dragonfly online at Radio Shack’s web site.  Editor’s note: Radio Shack allows you to order online and then have the unit shipped to a store near you to avoid paying shpping costs.



    The display link below shoes the current price and model being offered by Amazon. Click on the graphic or links to visit Amazon now.


    [12-7-2007] United Kingdom readers please note : Argos has the Dragonfly for 1/2 off while supplies last for only £17.43, down from £34.87! Click here to go to Argos now!

    WowWee has released its new flying insect robot, the Flytech Dragonfly. This is an amazing new flying robot that is very different from a remote controlled helicopter like the Picco, I have a Picco and it is great, but I am amazed at the Flytech Dragonfly. The giant difference is that the Flytech Dragonfly beats its wings like a real bug!  It does not use propellers (except one tiny one in the rear to control trim) and flaps its wings so it flies like a true dragonfly.

    Would you like to have your own baby dinosaur?

    Attention European Visitors! Use the link below to order the from a U.K. retailer.

    Flytech Dragonfly at Argos for 1/2 off! £17.43 Was £34.87  

    Buy Flytech Dragonfly From Europe *

    USA orders


    More information below the picture and related robots list or jump to the videos of the Dragonfly:

    Click on the photo to see it full size

    Skip the story below to go to the features box or jump to the videos


    It was a beautiful day when I went Dragonfly flying this afternoon.  I went to a local park and to a baseball field which ironically enough was full of real dragonflies. I could almost here tiny voices yelling "Mommy!, Mommy!" as  I walked by with my Green-eyed Flying Machine.

    I did a couple of test runs while I adjusted the trim on my Dragonfly. I knew it was a bit windy but I was in the middle of a big baseball field and I figured I'd just let it fall if things got out of control.

    Boy was I wrong. Before I knew it, my Dragonfly had floated almost 40 feet in the air and was drifting fast over towards some pine trees that were 20 to 30 feet high.  I tried turning but the wind grew even stronger as the Dragonfly climbed higher.  In a second it was over the fence and hovering over a big patch of trees between the field and the access road.

    Attention European Visitors! Use the link below to order the from a U.K. retailer.

    Buy Flytech Dragonfly From Europe *

    USA orders


    My heart sank as I watched $50 of fun drop into the mini forest. Even though the forest patch was only about 30 yards by 100 yards, there were no walkways,
    the pine trees were very tall, and it was a big enough area of dense greenness that there was no way I'd find my favorite flying machine.

    Now the story has a happy ending.  As I was walking around the forest patch along the access road, it turned out that miraculously enough my Dragonfly had floated completely over the forest patch and nosedived into the right edge of the access road behind the forest patch. And I was doubly lucky because no cars had come by and flattened my winged wonderthing. But that was indeed pure luck and by all rights I should be on the Radio Shack site right now ordering my next floating beastie.

    However the lesson stuck because for the full 15 minutes I was looking for my Dragonfly I believed completely that I had lost my airborne pet. Don't learn this lesson the hard way!

    Order the Flytech Dragonfly online at Radio Shack

    Visit the Flytech Dragonfly forum!

    Check out WowWee’s four-legged spider robot the Roboquad!

    Want to see “Tickle Me Elmo” tickled by a robot?

    WowWee’s Roboboa, the robot snake that fires nerf missiles at you!


    • Flaps its wings like a bug and does not use propellers for main thrust

      Get the latest Flytech Dragonfly robot news and tips delivered direct to your email box.  Subscribe now!

    • Flying time on a single battery charge is about 10 minutes.  Unlike the other WowWee robots the battery can be recharged using the bug’s internal charger
    • The remote control uses six AA batteries and is also used to recharge the bug which takes about 15 minutes
    • It can be used indoors or outdoors and has an approximate range well over 100 feet.
    • The controller has two modes, one for beginners and experts. A good guess is that in expert mode you have more control over the nuances of flying the bug than you do in beginner mode, but it is probably harder to fly.
    • Requires 6 AA batteries
    • Comes with two sets of spare wings and on spare propeller for the tiny propeller used for trim at the end of its tail.

    Invented By High School Student!

    The cool story behind the Dragonfly is that it was developed by an outside consultant and WowWee acquired the rights to build and sell it. The inventor is a student named Sean Frawley now at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Originally, he and a high school friend named Dan Getz wanted to create a flying plane that used flapping wings instead of propellers.  The students in Warwick, N.Y. were inspired by a design by a 19th century French inventor.  The designed rubber-band powered flyers which they named Ornithopters, like the flying vehicles in the move Dune.  Dan and Sean even started a business to sell the flyers which they called Ornithopter technologies.  Sean is now a consultant for WowWee even though he remains a full time student.

    UPDATE: Sean Frawley recently graduated Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla. with an aerospace engineering degree and is now a project manager for WowWee.

    Order the Flytech Dragonfly online at Radio Shack

    Flytech Dragonfly Videos!

    Attention European Visitors! Use the link below to order the from a U.K. retailer.

    Buy Flytech Dragonfly From Europe *

    USA orders


    Check out this brand new video of the Flytech Dragonfly I found on YouTube!  It’s a real treat and if you watch carefully as the camera pans around the room while the bug flies, you can see glimpses of other future WowWee robots!:


    Here is another video from UK gadget magazine T3, that shows a close up of the bug and the controller.  You can see the tiny tail propeller that is used only for trim:




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