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i-Cybie Robotic Dog

eBay Auctions for the Robopet are expiring now!

eBay Auctions for the i-Cybie are expiring now!


The i-Cybie robotic dog currently is the main competitor to the Robopet robot.  With an average street price of $90 USD on eBay at the time this was written, it definitely is not an inexpensive gift or purchase. However, it and the Robopet are a far cry from the $1000 price range of Sony’s famous AIBO robotic dog.

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Questions about the i-Cybie? Vist the i-Cybie forum.

Special Feature!: i-Cybie vs. Robopet Robot Dog Comparison

The manufacturer suggest a minimum age of 8 years old for children but one of the best Amazon product owner reviews we read on the i-Cybie suggested age 13. The reviewer, a kid themself, felt that the the i-Cybie is a very complicated toy and requires a lot of learning despite the fact it’s a great toy and a lot of fun.  The manufacturer says that the batteries last about 1 to 2 1/2 hours but reports from the field indicate a shorter life span than that with active use.

It has the advantage of being able to respond to voice commands which the Robopet cannot do without special software and hardware, however the Robopet can follow a laser target from the remote which the i-Cybie robot does not do.  The Robopet runs substantially longer on its battery set but does not come with a recharger nor does it self recharge.  The i-Cybie has a larger repertoire of tricks and behaviors but the Robopet is much easier to learn how to use.


  • Adjusts its behavior to punishment and reward feedback
  • After training, will respond to its owner’s voice commands
  • Sensors that allow it to avoid obstacles like walls and furnture
  • Stereo Sonic sensors that allow it to react to sounds and their general location
  • Responds to being petted and other kinds of touch


  • Sit Down
  • Take a Bow
  • Tail Wag (when praised)
  • Stay
  • Guard The Area
  • Poop
  • Scratch
  • Doggie Dance
  • Give Me Your Paw
  • Begging
  • Head Stand and more...

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Review Analysis

A wealth of important information can be found in Amazon’s user reviews. These are real people that have bought the product and are telling you exactly how they feel about it, good and bad. There were 11 total reviews we looked at and here’s what we found.

General Rating Information

Overall this item received a 4.45 stars rating across all the user reviews. There were 10 good ratings and 1 bad ratings. Out of 17 total votes, 47% of the people that read the bad reviews felt they were helpful. Out of 160 total votes, 49% of the people that read the good reviews felt they were helpful. Filtering out the poor quality reviews did not substantially alter this item's rating.

Top Ranked Reviewers

Unfortunately none of Amazon’s Top Ranked Reviewers have taken a look at the i-Cybie yet.

Real Name Reviewers

The reviewers that used their real names made up 27% of the total reviewer pool. There were 3 ratings in this category, and they were all good. They gave the item an average rating of 4.33 stars. Out of 46 total votes, 39% of the people that read the good reviews felt they were helpful. If you filter out the reviews that most people felt were unhelpful, including those reviews that people didn’t even bother to vote on or only got a tiny fraction of the votes, the i-Cybie Robotic Dog's rating falls to a 4 star rating.

Kid Reviewers

The reviewers in the kids category made up 45% of the total reviewer pool. There were 5 ratings in this category, and they were all good. They gave the item an average rating of 4.8 stars. Out of 100 total votes, 50% of the people that read the good reviews felt they were helpful. Filtering out the poor quality reviews did not substantially change the i-Cybie Robotic Dog’s rating.

Bad User Quotes

  • " The I-Cybie is slow, clumsby, and has a very short run time, though once I got an hour out of it."

Good User Quotes

  • "This robot dog is FUN!"
  • "The voice commands that you can program are very useful if you want your dog to do tricks that you need your remote for."
  • "It is adorable, good workmanship, high autonomous life like doggie and be your companion for many years to come!"


There is one review in particular, mentioned twice before, that you really should read.  When you are done here click on the Amazon product link above for the i-Cybie and go to the page that shows all the customer reviews.  You’ll know it when you see it, but here are the highlights of what this kid reviewer had to say:

  • Warning: even though he is supposed to be able to sense stairs, don’t try it or you could lose your i-Cybie Robotic Dog when he tumbles down them!
  • Warning: Be very careful when buying an i-Cybie off of eBay since there’s are frequently the older cheaper models that had a critical gear that would often break, leaving the unit useless.
  • Warning: Sometimes when you turn the unit on, usually 1 out of 4 times and frequently when you give him new batteries he goes into his Yoga animation or movement sequence. This is actually a “self-test” mode and you should not pick him up until he is finished. Therefore, make sure there is enough space for the i-Cybie to move about when you turn him on.

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