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Spykee Robot - The Skype Robot



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The Spykee robot is a mobile, self-recharging, Skype compatible robot that allows you to spy on your home from anywhere in the world using the Internet and Skype’s free video service. Manufactured by Meccano and sold under the Erector brand, this robot is combination remote spy, home security monitor, mobile VOIP phone and more.


  • Remote Spy - Remote control from anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection via Skype’s video call service.
  • Home Security Monitor - Monitor your home with a mobile robot.  However Spykee can not climb stairs.
  • VOIP Phone - Acts as a mobile VOIP phone so you can communicate with whomever you see with the robot’s camera.
  • Mobile MP3 Player - Can play MP3’s hosted on your home computer over its Wi-Fi link.
  • Self-recharging - When Spykee gets low on power it will find its power station and automatically dock with it to recharge.
  • 3 Different Kits - Build 3 different kinds of robots from the parts included in the kit.
  • Guard - Has motion sensors that will trigger the camera to take a picture and send it to you via E-mail; while sounding an alarm if desired.
  • Interface Software - Man-Machine interface lets you control Spykee remotely. PC & Mac compatible.
  • (Rumor) Lego Parts Compatibility - Standard Lego parts can be used to augment Spykee to build a greater range of robots than just those the kit provides
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  • SpykeeWorld

    Manufacturer’s official site for the Spykee Skype robot

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First video from a real Spykee owner!  A MUST SEE!



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