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The amazing Transformer robots are now a huge line of toys.  So many that we felt we need to provide an extensive list of them with links to more information on each.  Youíll find the Transformers Toys, action figures, and accessories listed here broken down into categories to help you find the character and toy you are looking for (See below).

Hot! The REAL Transforming Robot

Now you can give someone a real transforming robot instead of just a posable action figure or toy. Meet the REAL remote controlled transforming robot that can change in to a sports car, a truck, or a robot at the press of a button!

Forget those stale transformers action figures, now you can have the real thing. Hammacher Schlemmer has added the The Transforming Remote Controlled Robot Car to their inventory. This remote controlled robot car can transform from a car, into a truck, and finally into a robot that rolls on only two wheels instead of four. With an expected ship date of 10/10/2008, the robot should be hitting US shores any day now.  The robot car will run for up to 30 minutes on a full charge of its rechargeable battery. Recharging the battery takes approximately four hours. It has a range of 100 feet from the remote control which requires a single 9 volt battery. If Optimus Prime had a little brother, this would be him.

Note Hammacher Schlemmer, who sells the toy, offers a free 9 year guarantee on all products they sell.  Also, currently they are offering free shipping on everything they sell if you use the following coupon code: HSHOLI08.  Click on the pictures below to buy this awesome transforming robot now or use the link below.

Click Here to buy the Transforming Remote Controlled Robot Car now (Lifetime Guarantee)  

Note this is a new page that is growing all the time.  The Transformers are not only a full line of posable toys in their own right, but they have spawned a wealth of battle scene re-enactments, miscellaneous items like the voice changer helmet, accompanying vehicles and accessories, DVDs, books and more.  This categorized mini-store below will grow over time so if you donít see the Transfomer Toys or related item you are looking for now, bookmark this page and check back later.  Or even better, drop us an E-mail using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and let us know!



Tranformers toys, action figures, battle scenes, and more.



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