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Monday, October 22, 2007


i-SOBOT Hidden Codes

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Spoiler Alert: do not watch this video if you want to find the hidden movements yourself! The video does not tell you what the codes are to make i-SOBOT do the hidden moves, but it does show you the movements.

YouTube user AlphA202303 has posted a video that shows 8 out of the possible 13 movements that are hidden in the i-SOBOT robot (not documented on the reference card or the manual).

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That's my video. Here are the commands...

Remote Control Commands:
2A - Malfunction? Releaf? I don't want to know.
3A - All your base are belong to I-Sobot
43A - Surprise!
112A - Japanese vocal & Pose
113A - Upper Guard / Taunt?
114A - Soundeffect & Pose
121A - Soundeffect & pose (reversed)
122A - Eye Blaster?
123A - Blow Whistle
11B - Bear Hug
12B - Happy Birthday
112B - Japanese Vocal & Pose (reverse)
214B - Spells out "TAKARA TOMY" with body

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