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Thursday, October 4, 2007


i-SOBOT Fight Club : The Shocking Truth!

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The wonderful news of Takara/Tomy's amazing i-SOBOT robot's recent arrival on USA shores, has been blackened by a deep and dark secret that we at RobotsRule are the first to uncover. We predicted that i-SOBOT, with his amazing humanoid movement and combat skills, would foster a huge wave of friendly competitions throughout the world. Our prediction has come true but sadly with a troubling sordid twist.

i-SOBOT "fight clubs" have begun springing up throughout the USA where hapless i-SOBOT's are forced to fight in vicious pit matches with lethal and primitive creatures; solely for the dark pleasure of fat grubby humans (like myself), who wager on these matches. In dusty dirty basements found below abandoned warehouses the tiny robots fight for their very survival against hopeless odds. Tiny Toad, our fearless intrepid reporter managed to infiltrate one of these clubs wearing a wireless camera and microphone, and film a training session. But even more breathtaking is the live footage Tiny Toad captured from a real death match. This was no ordinary death match. Showing no lmit to their depravity, the hosts for this brutal match managed to capture none other than the terror known as Godzilla, and force poor i-SOBOT into a no holds barred battle for supremacy.

At RobotsRule we recognize that it is our obligation to bring this to the attention of you, our loyal reader, and to the world at large. Although the moral and responsible thing to do would be to use every resource at our disposal to stop these vile matches, that would impact our readership. Instead we have chosen to take every slimy opportunity we can to exploit this shocking new development to its fullest potential.

Remember. The first rule of i-SOBOT fight club is that you do not talk about i-SOBOT fight club, unless it's funny!

NOTE: The following video footage and picture gallery are not for the squeamish or the faint of heart. Be advised!

Video - download video with stereo sound and music

Pictures - Click on any picture to see it full size.

i-SOBOT blocks Godzilla's attack!

i-SOBOT spars with Furby before the big match

Flexing for the camera.

Considering his attack.

A strong right cross to the body.

Stiff left jab to Godzillas jaw, pow!

Tiny Toad sneaks an interview with i-SOBOT.

Tiny Toad seems more concerned with the money than i-SOBOT.

Tiny Toad was caught web handed taking a bribe to keep quiet about i-SOBOT Fight Club. RobotsRule is very disappointed by this behavior and absolutely does not condone the taking of bribes unless we get our percentage!

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Great Video !!!!

Why can we only use Eneloop bateries in I-sobot? There is a message on the I-bobot web page to that effect, but no good expanation other than "damage may result"
Every battery has a particular voltage and amperage. If you don't match them exactly to the ones the robot requires, you can damage the robot. Also, if the battery weight is far different than that the robot expects, it can affect the robot's ability to move. Most people don't know how to match such things up properly. What's great about the i-SOBOT is that it comes with the Eneloop batteries you need and a recharger to charge them. However, it would be good to be able to order an extra set, so you could have one set charging while the other set is in use.
Funny and cute!
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