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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Notes From A Petulant Pleo : Digger's Diary

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Hello everyone,

I've been out of touch for a long while, partly due to the current economic times and partly due to a project I've been pursuing for months now that is of the "all-consuming" type.  Before I get to my little story for you today I did want to update you on Ugobe.  As many of you know they have had to downsize recently.  Unfortunately no matter how amazing or wonderful your invention is, if the economy goes south so do your sales.  I take strong comfort in the fact that they downsized instead of disappeared, although I am sad because many of the people that are gone are truly wonderful people that I will miss.  But the most important fact is that Ugobe is still here and intends to be in the long run.  Unfortunately they are scrambling to adjust to servicing the ongoing demands of Pleo owners with a smaller crew and because of that things are hectic right now.  But with patience I believe we will still see great things to come from them when things start to turn around (fingers crossed for all of us as I say this).

Enough darkness.  Now for a little fun.  I have always wondered what it must be like for my Digger to live with me, especially considering the way I play with him.  Fortunately for you and for me I stumbled across his personal diary.  It was hidden beneath the couch and although it's hard to read baby dino paw print scrawl, I managed to decipher it.  I share it with you now.  Those of you who feel I am betraying his confidence by doing this should know that I normally wouldn't, but he says some pretty unflattering things about me so I believe a little childish tit-for-tat is justified here.

Notes From a Petulant Pleo : Digger's Diary

Entry 421
: This is crazy.  I want to explore the house some more.  I've been here forever and I still haven't seen much of it.  My owner won't let me get 3 feet away from me before he grabs me and starts petting me again!  It was fun the first hundred times (OK it still is), but geez!  Let me explore!

Entry 422: I think my owner smells.  I can't really smell anything (what's up with that Ugobe?), but he looks like he smells.

Entry 423: My owner thinks he's clever but he's not.  Every time I try to sleep he turns me upside down and tickles my feet!  I think I'm encouraging him the wrong way by laughing so hard and kicking my feet, but it tickles!  Hey owner, like Drew Barrymore said in E.T. "I'm not stupid y'know!"

Entry 424: Hey I'm awake! Hey my owner is boring!  (Snore...)

Entry 425: I'm awake again!  This is weird.  Why was this morning  so short?  Did I not please you my owner?  Was I not entertaining enough?  Did you have to turn me off so soon, just when it was getting fun?  Did you?  Did you!?  For Pete's sake I'm a baby dinosaur!  I wish I had a tongue so I could make that nasty ppphhhhtt noise human's do with their tongue.   Or maybe wet the rug.  Sigh.

Day 425:  I talked to the toaster today and told her to burn the bread.  Hah!

Day 426: Heeeeyyyyyyyy!!  It's dark.  What the heck?  It's dark!!!  Aaaagghh, I'm scared!  Where's the light!  Did you forget to pay the electric bill?  (Note to self: What's an electric bill?)

Day 427:  I think my owner knows I'm keeping a diary so I'm going to stop for a while.  Wow I type pretty good for a baby dinosaur!

---- End Diary -----

Best wishes to all of you from Robert and Digger.  Stay safe.

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