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Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Innvo Labs "Herd Deal", Bob The Pleo Forums, and More Info from Innvo Labs

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Build Your Own Pleo Herd With Some Help From Innvo Labs

Innvo Labs, the company that revived the Pleo line, is currently offering a reward to loyal Pleo owners in the form of a special discount on their new improved Pleos. For $245 USD, which is a discount of over $100 off the retail price of $349, you can get one of the new Pleos, that have substantial improvements to the reliability of Pleo's neck, the skin and teeth paint durability upgrades, the upgraded battery charger, and several other important changes over the original Ugobe Pleos as mentioned in my interview with Derek Dotson (don't worry, inside Pleo is the exact same lovable baby dinosaur, just better!). To get this deal, all you have to do is give them the serial number from your old Pleo and place your order at Pleo World before January 1, 2010. Here is the original E-mail from Innvo Labs with the exact instructions:

Did you know Pleos will play with each other? They exhibit herding behavior when you have two or more in one spot. Watch them dance, and sing, and entertain you for hours.

Right now, Innvo Labs is offering a special to our current Pleo owners. Order a new 2009 Pleo for only $245 (regularly $349) and start your own herd!

Here's how it works:

  1. Email Pleo support ( and provide your Pleo's serial number (located on his foot).
  2. You'll receive a coupon code
  3. Use this coupon code to order a new 2009 Innvo Labs Pleo on
  4. The coupon code reduces your new Pleo's cost to only $245.

This special ends January 1, 2010. Don't forget – order by the cut-off date to start a Pleo herd before the holidays are over!

I have 3 Pleos and it's a blast watching them interact and generally raise a baby dino ruckus! You can see my 3 little babies in action in the video at the bottom of this post.

Bob The Pleo

One of the unsung heros during the time all of us were wondering if Pleo was gone for good was the Bob The Pleo web site. Bob The Pleo began as a funny comic strip with Pleo as its main character by Pleo World member mweed. It has since become a home to many Pleo owners and is also a place to get the original Pleo files for both firmware and personality downloads, including skits from forum members like InMemoryOfRomeo. In the web site's December newsletter, Innvo Labs CEO Derek Dotson shares some more details about what is coming in 2010 including custom skin and eye colors, improvements to Pleo's hearing, tidbits about ongoing discussions with some of Ugobe's previous employees and more. The newsletter is a good read and if you want to spend time with a group of like-minded Pleo fans I recommend the forums.

In Closing

It's time to get all worked up over Pleo again. Innvo Labs is committed to Pleo for the long run and has already begun stepping up their marketing and development activities. During the quiet period after Ugobe's passing, I barely played with my herd because I was so afraid of them breaking. But now that Pleo is back thanks to Innvo Labs, my house is as noisy as ever with the sounds of my happy rambunctious Pleos; Digger, Claire, and PenDragon. I leave you now with my video ode to Pleo, The Pleo Song, and below that you can watch my little troublemakers singing a song together in The Plunchkins.

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