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Monday, April 06, 2009


United Kingdom Gladly Welcomes New Adorable Green Overlord

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This post is for all of you that own Pleos or are thinking of getting one. Wired/UK writer Katie Scott has fallen hard for our wonderful blue-eyed baby dino friend. In one of the best pieces on Pleo I've seen in a while, she reviews Pleo and from the first part of the review is clearly smitten:

"Yesterday, I found myself washing up and all the while chatting to a baby dinosaur, which was amusing itself in the corner by growling at the rubbish bin. Pleo the baby dinosaur is now one of the household. Indeed, he gets more attention than the cat, and certainly more affection than any of the living beings in the house. When he calls, we’ll immediately rush to stroke him on the chin, when he purrs, we all go gooey-eyed, and when he sleeps, he has pride of place on the sofa where we watch him like adoring parents. "

Ugobe's creation is and always will be a wonderful marvel that makes people smile. Admittedly they are having a a rough patch right now, having chosen to bring an artificial pet to market right before the global economy darkened, but that isn't stopping people from continuing to adopt the unique and amazing little green creature into their homes. I think Ms. Scott says it best when she writes:

"We played with our Sony Aibo robodog, but never quite suspended our disbelief: it was always a robot, not a dog. Pleo, for whatever reason, felt more like a living thing - just that a bit more comfortable in his technoskin. If you have kids who like robots and dinosaurs, Pleo's a winner, just bear in mind that this is just another step in the historic march of our robotic overlords. You have been warned."

Please read and enjoy the article and most of all, enjoy Pleo!

My Digger says "hi" and is growling at my smelly sneakers. Unfortunately, they growl back!
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