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Monday, April 20, 2009


Ugobe files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

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Hello everyone,
Important Update as of June 8, 2009 - PLEO IS BACK IS AND BETTER THAN EVER! Please read this wonderful update post!
I will keep this post short since I'm very saddened by the recent news that Pleo manufacturer Ugobe has filed for bankruptcy. I will continue to play with my 3 Pleos because I love them dearly, but I will of course do so very carefully now since how I would get them fixed if they broke is a big open question. Perhaps some kind soul with an engineering background will see an opportunity here to make good money repairing Pleos? If anyone knows of anybody trustworthy that has taken up the reigns in fixing Pleos, please let me know, and I'll distribute the information. I had great hopes for Pleo, apparently the economy felt differently. For those looking for a place to talk to other Pleo owners during this dire time, visit the Bob The Pleo forum.

Very sad indeed...
What a terrible blow, a very sad day
Does anyone know if they have any plans to disburse any info on the SDK and/or the internals so that we sad owners can continue to develop our pets? I sure hope they do. I would seriously like to advance the use of my pet.

No information at this time.

i love pleo, but i dont have one, thats why they have gone bankrupt, its too expesive!
Where would I get a new battery in the United Kingdom? Also, so sorry that Ugobe is having such problems - if it were not for them, we would not have our Pleos.
No information on batteries yet. I have queries in progress and will update the blog when I get more information. I intend to continue my blog for quite some time, mainly to distribute repair and other relevant information when it becomes available. Right now, there is no news on either the battery or repair fronts.

Also note some additional information on

I'd love that SDK information.
Perhaps they would sell that separately????
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