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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Pleo Party Tomorrow at 9 PM, EST!

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Tomorrow evening on Thursday, February 21 2008, at 9 PM/EST I'll be hosting an online Pleo party on Yahoo Live. Be a part of history and join the fun at the first online Pleo Party ever, and possibly the first artificial life form party broadcast ever too!

What is Yahoo Live?

Yahoo Live is a brand new service provided by Yahoo that allows people to broadcast video and audio live to the entire world for free, with a built-in chat room. I've spent the last week testing things and getting a room set up for broadcasting and everything appears to work pretty well.

What do you need to join the party?

The only thing you need to join the fun is a web browser with a recent version of the Flash player. By visiting my channel at the correct time slot, you will see and hear The Plunchkins, my dysfunctional dinosaur family with Digger, Claire, and Pendragon, roaming about their playpen and interacting with one or two robots that I'll have in the room at the same time. You'll be able to chat with me and other party goers too. Note, to chat with others or to broadcast you will need to have a Yahoo ID. They're free and easy to get. If you just want to watch then you don't need a Yahoo ID.

Can I broadcast too?

Yes! It's not necessary to do so, but if you have a working webcam you can also broadcast at the same time. As I said, you will need to have a Yahoo ID to broadcast and to set up your channel. It only takes a few minutes but I suggest you do it well in advance of the party date/time.

Any Guidelines or Caveats?

Just a few common sense ones.

  • The channel is a public channel. Despite the fact that nothing bawdy or off-color will be broadcast, it is an open chat room so adults only please.
  • This is early adopter stuff. It's been working really well for the last week but if something goes wrong, well, pardon the blank screen and we'll try again next time.
  • If you intend to broadcast consider setting up your camera viewpoint to show only what you want the world at large to see. As I said, it's a public channel.
When is it and where do I go?

The party is on Thursday, February 21 2008, at 9 PM/EST. Just point your browser to my Yahoo Live channel at that time and you'll be there! You may want to come visit a while before the start time to make sure your browser has the right Flash player. Pleos in costumes get free foot tickles from their owners.

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