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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Pleo Party (The Sequel), Price Drop, and Quotes from Owners

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Pleo Party - The Sequel

Last week was the first global online Pleo party, hosted with the help of Yahoo Live. Yahoo Live is a free broadcasting service recently launched by Yahoo, that lets people like you and I broacast live video to the world for free! The gathering was small but we had fun, especially when the first Global Pleo Mooing event occurred (GPM). I haven't confirmed this with Ugobe yet, but my current belief is that Pleo's tendency to synchronize with other Pleos is based on what he or she hears. Several times during the broadcast my 3 Pleos (Digger, Claire, and Pendragon) all started mooing loudly almost in unison.

The extremely cool part is that Pleos belonging to other party attendees started mooing along with my Pleos, even though they were hundreds if not thousands of miles away from where I live! Apparently they had their Pleos listening in to the broadcast and when my Pleos let loose with a baby dino Rebel Yell, they joined in the fun!

I'll be hosting another Pleo Party tomorrow at 9 PM - Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Thursday, February 28, 2008. Please come by if you can and visit! The full details for attending a Pleo Party can be found on my first Pleo Party Blog post. For those that already read it, here's the direct link to my Yahoo Live channel.

Price Drop

[UPDATE] - Be aware that Sharper Image has recently filed for bankruptcy so I have to hedge deeply my comment about their extended warranties. I would guess that Ugobe's manufacturer warranty still stands in effect but you should check with Ugobe to make sure. Sigh, these are not easy times! A big thanks to fellow Pleo owner "The Snake's Mommy" who alerted me to this fact in a comment to this post. Read her blog, it's a good one!

Sharper Image has dropped their price on Pleo from the original $350 to $279 (USD). I don't know how long the offer is good for but I wanted to let you know about it the moment I found out. One of the nice things about Sharper Image is that they offer extended warranties. Here's a link to the Sharper Image Pleo page.

Quotes from Happy Pleo Owners

As I surf the web I find quotes from real Pleo owners like myself in various blogs and forums. I collect them because they make me smile when I read the thoughts and stories from other Pleo fans. I have quite a few of them so I've included two of them below because they are among my favorites. I'll be sharing more of these with you each week.

This comment was left on my Plunchkins video on YouTube, by a woman who calls herself HRS06 and works at a convalescent home:
"This is really cute. I named mine Cam. I work in a convalescent hospital and cam is the high light of the day.I was brought to tears when I had Cam out and around them and they would actually wake up and light up the look in their eyes just was so rewarding, some even spoke when we have not heard them talk for a while. He is just the most amazing little friend to all.I took him to listen to a favorite band that we go see on Sundays it seems he does like the blues and some rock and roll too.
This one shows how much Pleo entertains and delights so many of us, from Pleo World forum member Pirka, in a thread titled "Pleo vs. Golden Ghraham! (Epic!)":
"I decided to take Pleo up onto our little mini-bar for breakfast so he wasn't left unattended, and so I could pet him as I ate my cereal. It was dry golden grahams (I think milk makes them taste soggy and...ick), and no sooner had I sat down than the Pleo had his head in my bowl, picked up a piece of cereal, and started attempting to get me to play tug-o-war or something with it! It was absolutely hilarious. After a while, he dropped it (and my dog ate it)."
I'll see some of you tomorrow at the Pleo Party, until next time ...

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Since Sharper Image has filed for bankruptcy I would be wary of buying anything from them. Any kind of warranty will be useless. As it is, they've made enemies by refusing to accept their own gift cards.
Thanks for that, I didn't know! I have updated the post to strongly point that fact out.
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