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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Ugobe's Pleo preorder

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I feel a little silly making a post that basically says that I don't have any new information, but I have been getting the occasional report from people saying that they saw some site offering the Pleo for pre-order. Having contacted Ugobe only 2 days ago about one of these invalid sightings, I want to confirm at this time that Ugobe has not announced a new pre-order date for Pleo. The instant that they do I will update you on this blog. In the meantime, I suggest you do not place any orders until see a formal announcement from Ugobe stating that Pleo has become available for pre-order. The money you save will be your own!

This is a post about , 's ,
good advertissement ;)

and for FRANCE, he is comming ?

Pleo will be coming to France but after the U.S release date. As of now I have no further information about international release dates, but I will update you as soon as that changes.
any have any idea on the est. cost?

Estimated cost is between $300 to $400 USD.
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