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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Breathtaking full screen picture of Pleo's packaging with new graphics!

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The wonderful folks at Ugobe's publicity company, ShiftComm, just sent me a huge detailed photo clearly showing the updated graphics on Pleo's packaging. If this doesn't quicken your pulse about Pleo's upcoming release then nothing will! The photo will fill up your screen and show you brand new details adorning the emerald green shaded box. Note the behaviors and emotion labels that accent the rungs of the DNA double helix, the dominating graphic on the box.
New Pleo Box
Click on the box to see the FULL SIZE image!

I still don't have any news about a new preorder date at this time, but this is a very encouraging sign indeed.

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Hurry up!!! haha Can't wait.
That is sooooooo AWESOME!...whats the price for a new Pleo?...
Prices are still purely estimates at this time. The current price is expected to be a bit above 300 USD for the USA and 400 Euros for Europe.
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