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Saturday, November 18, 2006


Pleo - Weekend Press Updates

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A quick post over the weekend about new sightings of Pleo in the press.

1) Ugobe made a stop to the offices of Red Herring, the magazine, who has now posted an article with several new (adorable) photos of Pleo.

2) Notcot has an article of Pleo, also with photos, and the first screenshot of Pleo's personality modification software I have ever seen!

3) Make magazine, the powerhouse publication for hardware hackers, has a fantastic article on Ugobe's Caleb Chung and Pleo. I learned a lot of heartwarming and intriguing tidbits about Caleb who once was a mime as part of a comedy team, has done voice overs for live action cartoon shows, and some interesting and honest facts about his engineering brilliance and quirks. There's also a hilarious photo of Pleo popping out of Caleb's chest "Alien" style. This issue, volume 8, will be on newstands by November 20, 2006 and is a must read for any Pleo enthusiast. Subscribers to the digitial edition can read the article online now.

My favorite quote in the Make article comes from Ugobe's Chief Technology Office John Sosoka:

"When you leave for work in the morning, your dog doesn't sit by the door all day. He explores: he does stuff. Pleo will be doing something when you're gone because he's alive."

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