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Monday, November 20, 2006


Pleo pictures - New pics and a little dream I had about Pleo

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Hello everyone. Shiftcomm, Ugobe's public relations firm, was kind enough to send me three new photos of Pleo. What's great about these photos is you can now get a good feeling for what Pleo's skin is going to look at.

Note: When you click on the photo, it will open a new window that shows you the photo full size. Some browsers will show you a magnifying glass which you should click to see the skin maximum size and up close. It's a real treat! Warning: the photo of Pleo playing tug of war is mercilessly cute!

First, a picture of Pleo walking away (click to see it full size):

Next, here's Pleo with a view from above (click to see it full size):

Finally, here's the tug of war photo I warned you about (click to see it full size):

Caleb Chung – A Modern Day Geppetto

In a previous post I talked about Make magazine's terrific coverage of Ugobe, Caleb Chung, and Pleo. One of the points made by the article about Caleb is easily the most revealing glimpse into a man who is destined to go down into history as the real life Geppetto of our time. (Geppetto was a lonely woodcarver who brought Pinocchio, a marionette in the shape of a small boy, to life in one of the most beloved fairy tale classics of all time.) The point the article made is that Caleb is doing this for passion, not profit. Caleb's previous creation, the Furby, made Caleb a wealthy man. He doesn’t have to work another day in his life. But a man like him is incapable of sitting still.

I have not had the honor to meet Caleb, but I can’t help but believe that there is at least one feeling we do share. When I was a kid I used to dream about a gold coin that I wanted so very, very badly. I vowed that I would somehow bring that coin out of my dreams and into real life. I would wake up with my hands tightly clutched underneath my blanket, sadly squeezing only empty air instead of the coin I so passionately wanted.

I believe Pleo is Caleb’s gold coin. The difference is that he has the talent and the resources to make his dream real. I can almost see him up late at night, taunted and teased by a playful perfect Pleo that lives in his mind, and pushes him relentlessly to please make him (or her) real. If you ever wonder why I have such confidence in Ugobe to deliver, then make sure you read that Make magazine article. If for no other reason, then to see a hilarious photo of Caleb hamming it up for the camera with a cuddly Pleo popping out of his shirt in the style of the movie Alien.

Dream a little dream of Pleo

I’m going to end this blog post with a small dream I had about Pleo. Nothing significant, just a little flight of fancy I had during slumber that I believe will come true. I was in an airplane. All around me were passengers holding their little Pleos. Some Pleos were playing with each other and learning from each other. Other Pleo’s were sleeping peacefully in their owner’s arms while occasionally the sound of a tiny Pleo sneeze could be heard from a far corner of the plane.

At the end of the dream, the last thing I heard was the stewardess speaking over the microphone: “Attention passengers. We are approaching our destination. Please put your Pleo’s in an upright position and stroke them gently to keep them calm during landing. Thank You.”

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Thanks for all these updates! I can't wait till PLEO is available. Really appreciate you keeping an eye out for any news of him.
Great pics! Any more news about the 12/24 pre-order date? I just want to know where its going to be I have to get one of these guys =).
No new word yet on the pre-order date, but the instant I get an update from Ugobe I will post a message here, on my blog. If you're subscribed then you'll get an email when that happens.
There's an interesting article about Pleo and Caleb Chung in the January 2007 edition of Wired magazine.

You should check it out. :]
Anonymous(2), thanks for that note about the Wired magazine issue. I do have that issue since I'm a subscriber, but I had not read it yet. I just blogged about it.
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