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Monday, November 06, 2006


Pleo - PC Magazine's Lance Ulanoff has a new friend!

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Wherever 's goes, the little baby dino never fails to impress. It looks like Pleo has already charmed noted PC Magazine toy and gadget editor Lance Ulanoff. He liked Pleo so much he wrote a post for GearLog that then refers readers to his full write-up on PC Magazine.

(Editor's note: Lance Ulanoff actually oversees all product and review coverage for PC Magazine and so this is a big news event. Also, the PC Magazine review has links to FRESH NEW VIDEOS and pictures!)

I won't go into depth here on the articles, Lance is a top notch writer and does his usual thorough and entertaining job of describing Pleo the . However, I can't resist highlighting two quotes, one from each article, and giving you an updated feature list (see below).

From his GearLog post:
"I can honestly say that I haven't been this excited about a product demo since Sony brought in the first AIBO."
From the full PC Magazine article, and to date, my favorite quote so far:
"During the meeting, Pleo walked, made sounds, pretended to be scared, faked a limp, responded to its name, and batted its baby blue eyes."

It's going to be an excruciatingly tough few months as we wait for Pleo, but it will be worth it!
I didn't particularly like reading about a non replaceable battery. Let's hope Ugobe does some rethinking about that.

Otherwise, yes, this waiting is tough and getting tougher every day.
Since Lance worried about the same thing in his full PC Magazine write-up, I'd guess the Ugobe folk have that issue pinned to a wall now. :)
There are two posts on "Sci Fi TEch" about Pleo, each with a small video:


The reason I bring them here is because the battery issue gets a mention:

It all sounds like great fun… until he dies on you. Since owners can't replace the built-in NiMH battery on their own — and the robot won't work while plugged in — when that battery degrades to the point where it can't hold a charge, Pleo's done.
That's a good point about the battery. But that's the nice thing about the point being made now, months before it's release. I sincerely doubt Ugobe isn't aware of the concern. I would guess that they're having active design discussions about the issue right now.
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