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Friday, November 10, 2006


Pleo Makes A Return Visit To The SciFi Channel!

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The site belonging to the wonderful SciFi TV channel, the channel that brings you award winning fantastic shows like Battlestar Galactica, was visited by Pleo recently. They did a full write-up on the Pleo and there are some videos which you won't want to miss. After you've read it, go on to part II of their coverage to read more about, and see an even juicier video of the Pleo.

The author Peter Pachal, like Lance Ulanoff of PC Magazine, makes a point about the battery not being replaceable and that it will eventually wear out (in several long years). I find it strange that they are worrying about the battery issue with Pleo when Pleo is still months away from shipping. Ugobe obviously knows what they are doing and I'm sure they will address the battery issue in a manner that keeps Pleo pet owners satisfied.

I don't think anyone would begin to question for a moment the burning passion of inventor Caleb Chung to finally make his dream come true, a dream that his best-selling Furby creation could only hint at due to the state of technology at the time. The dream of creating the first artificial life form. The phrase "artificial life form" is techno speak for "cuddly green lovable pet" that will melt your heart and capture your imagination.

Could Pleo star in his own SciFi channel show soon? I don't know about you, but I'll be watching the SciFi channel very closely for a sneak cameo appearance by Pleo!


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