Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Robocourier - Delivery Robot For Hospitals

Next time you visit a hospital, don't be surprised if a small robot passes you in the hallway on its way to pick up or deliver patient samples. Mopec, a leading provider of morgue, pathology and histology products, has created RoboCourier, a self-navigating utility robot designed to remove the grunt work of distributing and collecting patient samples through a hospital. This removes the burden of the tedious and menial task of pushing a medical cart around, which is currently performed by trained medical personnel, a scarce and valuable resource.
Photo courtesy of CCS Robotics

The robot can:
Mopec choose the Mobile Robotics PatrolBotâ„¢ autonomous base for Robocourier. Some of the features of their autonomous base include:

The Robocourier is being built by CCS Robotics, one of the premier developers of mobile autonomous robotic hardware for the health care, security, and other important industries. Here are some videos of the PatrolBotâ„¢ in action:

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