Monday, September 24, 2007


Medical, Surgical, & Hospital Technology - Maiden Voyage!

Welcome to our brand new blog! This blog will cover the latest and most interesting developments we find in the breathtaking field of medical technology. This journey will include the most recent and futuristic breakthroughs in surgery and surgical techniques, patient care and rehabilitation, hospital technology, and other items related to the hard core technical side of medicine in general.

This will not be a blog that attempts to cover the diagnosis and prevention of diseases, or the nuances and challenges of medical and biological research. Instead, we will take a look at the machine side of the equation; the devices that are becoming exponentially smarter as the future hurtles towards us at breakneck speed. There are now machines that perform, or at least assist, doctors and nurses in the complicated and delicate field of surgery. Other machines perform drug testing and analysis at speeds that were impossible before their arrival. There are even machines now that help hospitals administrate patient care better and interact with patients independent of a nurse or doctor, or allow a nurse or doctor to interact with a patient from a remote location.

Please join us on this remarkable technological adventure as we explore the world of science fiction made science fact. The world of advanced medical technology.

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